Chevrolet Cruze manuals

Chevrolet Cruze Infotainment System: Vehicle Positioning

At times, the position of the vehicle on the map could be inaccurate due to one or more of the following reasons: • The road system has changed.

• The vehicle is driving on slippery road surfaces such as sand, gravel, or snow.

• The vehicle is traveling on winding roads or long straight roads.

• The vehicle is approaching a tall building or a large vehicle.

• The surface streets run parallel to a freeway.

• The vehicle has been transferred by a vehicle carrier or a ferry.

• The current position calibration is set incorrectly.

• The vehicle is traveling at high speed.

•  The vehicle changes directions more than once, or the vehicle is turning on a turn table in a parking lot.

• The vehicle is entering and/or exiting a parking lot, garage, or a lot with a roof.

• The GPS signal is not received.

•  A roof carrier is installed on the vehicle.

•  Tire chains have been installed.

•  The tires are replaced or worn.

• The tire pressure for the tires is incorrect.

•  This is the first navigation use after the map data is updated.

•  The 12-volt battery is disconnected for several days.

• The vehicle is driving in heavy traffic where driving is at low speeds, and the vehicle is stopped and started repeatedly.

Global Positioning System (GPS)
The position of the vehicle is determined by using satellite signals, various vehicle signals, and map data. At times, other interference such as the satellite condition, road configuration, cond ...

Problems with Route Guidance
Inappropriate route guidance can occur under one or more of the following conditions: •  The turn was not made on the road indicated. • Route guidance might not be available when using automati ...

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